Hi Friend,

My name is Pulak Banerjee the founder of The Family Business Mentor.

I welcome you to my little world to grab my experience and findings.

The idea behind bringing this platform is to provide valuable information to our readers.

Today many things are changing as well as the thought process of the people is also changing. Now everybody wants a free life. They don’t want to do jobs for others. They want to be their boss.

So the readers are searching for genuine knowledge and ideas to start a business or to grow a business.

So, this blog will help them for sure to fulfill their need and dream.

I am currently working in a medical company for the last few years.

I have been doing blogging since 2016 and have worked as a content writer, translator, and logo designer also.

I have also tried many new things to earn extra money and in most of the cases, I earned from there. I am passionate to share all my learnings and experiences of business ideas, earning money online, some passive income tips, some tips on how to be financially free to my readers and every person who wants to know, wants to earn money from online/offline by doing business, or wants to be financially free.

Business Mentor is the platform of that.

For those who are curious about my birthplace then I am coming from Kolkata, West Bengal (India).

Let’s first talk about who I am and why you should follow me and my Business Mentor.

Why should you listen to me?

Well, I already explained briefly about myself. I am not limited to, teach people about money-earning, business ideas but I do love to share the practical tips and best strategies through my blog.

Let me go through my social media fan following, which is not only my family but a die-heart learner of business ideas, earning tips, and as well as they want to live a better life and want to be financially free.

join my Facebook PULAK BANERJEE.

Why do I advise you to join Facebook and Instagram?

Get daily free tips to better your life. Learn something new about life. You will motivate through posts

I will unlock my BLOGGING journey. How I started, how I earn from online.

You can directly communicate with me any time. You can post your queries also and I will solve that as soon as possible.

When I started my blogging journey in the year 2016, my focus was to give you the best tips and ideas by which you can make your life better.

I also faced some ups and downs. If you want to know all new genuine business ideas then the main thing you need to do is – you have to learn first and then you need to act. Through my blog, you will get to know all the ideas.

What you will learn from Business Mentor.?

Best business ideas that you can easily start.

How to grow your business.

All the detailed information about the business.

There are many more topics you can learn from here just you need to follow Business Mentor. It will surely help you. Because everybody wants to be financially free and wants to start a business by which they can earn a good amount of money. But doesn’t know the proper to start and doesn’t have the best ideas.

If you agree with my words, experience and commitment,

Then, I Pulak Banerjee the founder of Business Mentor welcome you to my family.

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