[ Best 7 ] Business Ideas for Students

Business Ideas for Students- If you are a student and you want to set up a business from now then this is your ultimate destination.

This article will guide you for sure.

These are some genuine business ideas that you can start any of these.

But I want to inform you one thing that nothing will happen overnight.

You have to work hard and smart to achieve your goal.

Some of these businesses you can start for free or some can demand a very small investment.

If you want then you can start as a Freelancer also, at the initial stage.

After that, you can make it a business for you.

But I will make sure that the investment should be affordable for you.

You just need to remember that you can work on these ideas as a job ( To get some practical knowledge and to learn the process ).

But after getting some practical knowledge and some money to invest, you can take it to a next level and can do this as a business.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

Business Ideas in India for Beginners

  • Content Writer.
  • Video Editor.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Blogging.
  • Freelancing.

These are some genuine business ideas that you can start easily and set up your business.

But let me first answer some of your questions.

What can I sell as a student?

If you are a student then I am sure that you have at least one quality or some knowledge or knowledge on a subject.

So, you can start making E-BOOK and can sell them.

If you have really good knowledge of something and if you can share it then this can be a very good option.

After making the E-BOOK you can sell it on Instamojo also.

What business can I start with 10k as a student?

The business ideas I have discussed before, you can start.

As I said before, you can start most of them for free or it can take a very minimum charge to start.

But that will not be more than 4-5 thousand rupees.

Online business ideas for students

All the above-mentioned businesses you can start online.

All the businesses are online-based businesses.

Every single business you can start online.

Now let’s discuss all the business Ideas in detail-

Content Writer

If you have the knowledge that how to write SEO-friendly content then you can start this.

But if you don’t know this then you need to learn first.

To learn, you can take the help of the Internet or Youtube.

After some practical knowledge, you can start this.

Because if you approach someone that you will write SEO-friendly content for him/her, it is quite obvious that he/she will ask for your credibility.

So, you have to prove yourself first. And to prove yourself, you have to learn that first.

You can get this type of works from some genuine platforms like- Fiverr, Upwork E.T.C.

Or you can approach some Youtubers also.

Just their Youtube channel’s about section and you will find a mail id there.

You can contact them through that mail id with sample content.

If the content is good then there is a possibility that they can give you a chance.

But approach more people, so that if one of them gives you the job, then that will be your starting point.

You can visit Fiverr here.

Video Editor

If you know how to edit a video professionally then this can be a good business idea.

There are currently many Youtubers who do not edit their videos.

They want a professional for that, just to save time and use it elsewhere.

So, if you know that you can approach them.

Except for Youtubers, there is many video content creator also who make videos for Facebook, Instagram E.T.C.

You can also contact them.

Graphic Designer

This is a very demanding business idea we are discussing.

In today’s world, almost everything in the digital world is depending on graphics.

So, it is very demandable and if you can set up a business on this then this can give you a huge earning.

I think you know that the demand for graphic works is increasing day by day.

But first, you need to learn this well.

To get knowledge or to learn you can take help of any institute or individual.

If you are getting a chance to learn from an individual then try to learn from him/her instead of an institute.

That does not mean that the institutes are not up to the mark.

It’s my opinion that one individual can give more practical knowledge that you need the most.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

Affiliate Marketing

I think this is one of the most powerful business ideas in today’s world.

You can start this business for free also or you can make some investment to start professionally.

First, select a niche that you want to do Affiliate Marketing.

Then you can join Amazon Affiliate Programme for free.

After that, you can share your product link on Social Media like- Facebook, Instagram E.T.C.

So, here it is free. You don’t need to pay anything to start like this.

But if you have money and you want to invest then you can buy a domain according to your niche.

You can buy a hosting also.

After that, you can write a blog post and it will take few months to rank in Google if you work properly.

Then you can generate sales from your website.

If you know how to do Affiliate Marketing properly then make sure you visit here.

Social Media Manager

This is also one of the very good business ideas.

There are currently many companies or individuals who hire people to handle their social media profiles.

But here also you need to know to post images, videos properly.

The basic purpose of this is to increase engagement or sales ( If there is any product of that company or product ).

So, if you know how to post on social media, how to run a campaign, how to optimize posts then surely this can be a good option.


This is also one of the very strong business ideas.

This also you can start for free or without money.

If you want then you can start blogging through Blogger which is a free platform from Google.

But if you have money then you can start with WordPress.

Here also, you need to select a niche first.

The niche should be according to your niche or interest because that will grow your interest to write.

If you are starting from WordPress then you need a domain and hosting to start.

For this, you need approx 2000 rupees which is a very nominal amount to start.

To know all the details of blogging and how to start it then make sure you visit here.


If you have any skills then you can definitely start freelancing.

It will give you money as well as it will save your time.

But if you don’t have any skills then also you can try.

Because there are too many jobs like translating, copy-pasting, data entry that doesn’t need any skill to do.

Just you need to create an attractive profile.

Because somebody will hire you if they find anything interesting or unique in your profile.

The jobs I mentioned above can be done by anybody.

I think everyone standing today knows at least two to three languages.

So you can work as a translator in that three languages.

And I think copy-pasting and data entry are also very easy to be done.

Business Ideas for Students
Business Ideas for Students

Part-time business ideas for student

There are many types of ideas available in the market that can be done as a part-time business.

All the above-discussed business ideas can be done as a part-time business.

Except these some business ideas are-

  • Teaching.
  • E-BOOK selling.
  • Virtual Assistant Service.
  • Consultant.

Small business ideas for girl students

Anybody can start all the discussed business ideas. It can be a girl or a boy does not matter.

All these business ideas can give you a high profit if you work properly.

So, you can surely try any of these businesses. There is nothing that is only for girls.

Everybody can choose any of the business ideas.

But especially if you want to know just for girls then-

  1. Custom Jewellery selling.
  2. Handmade Cakes/ Biscuits.
  3. Make-up artist.
  4. Beauty Parlor.
  5. Youtube channel on cooking.

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What are the easiest businesses to start?

1. Blogging.
2. Affiliate Marketing.
3. Social Media Manager.
4. Content Writer.
5. Freelancing.

What business can I start with no money?

1. Teaching.
2. Consulting.
3. Virtual Assistant.

What are the top 10 businesses to start?

1. Blogging.
2. Online Teaching.
3. E-Commerce Site.
4. Consulting.
5. Social Media Marketing.
6. Virtual Assistant.
7. Web Developer.
8. 3D artist.
9. Graphic Design.
10. Handmade Product Selling.

How can a student start a business from home?

Some businesses a student can start from are-

1. E-Commerce Site.
2. E-BOOK selling.
3. Web development.
4. Animation Artist.
5. Blogging.
6. Youtube Channel.

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