Best business ideas in Kolkata | Top 5 business ideas.

Do you want to start a business? Then here, in this article, I will give you some best business ideas in Kolkata.

If you can start this business with proper strategy then it can give you a huge profit.

But you need to have a good plan, have to select a good location ( If you are doing business offline ), have to select a good market.

If you live in Kolkata, you might know that there is a good scope in this city to run a business. But you have to select the idea or topic very wisely.

Here you may need to have a trade license to run these businesses.

How to do business in Kolkata?

Do you know that West Bengal was ranked 9th among all the states in the matter of ease of doing business ( 2019 )?

Yes, it is true. But wherever you are starting a business, you have to keep some important things in mind.

  • Market Place-

I think you know that this is something that is very important and plays a vital role in the matter of a successful business.

If your sales point, location, or market point is not good then the chances of getting success will become low.

Like if you are opening a hardware store in front of an IT hub then what do you think? Is it going to run?

So, that is why this is very important.

  • Marketing Strategy-

This is also a very important part. If you have a unique business idea, then marketing is also a very important part.

If you can do the marketing part uniquely then it can boost your sales.

So, keep this in mind.

  • Choose your business topic or product wisely-

Products are also a very important thing to boost your sales.

If you are dealing with some products but that product does not have any demand in the market or it has very little demand then you can’t scale up your business.

So, keep this in mind.

business ideas in Kolkata
business ideas in Kolkata

What type of business should I start in Kolkata?

In the topic of Best business ideas in Kolkata, this part is very important.

Kolkata city has good potential. If you can research well before starting your business, you can run most of the businesses here.

That business can be anything. Like- food business, grocery business, delivery business.

But before starting these businesses you should have a good idea about all the needed things to run successfully.

But there are some businesses that you can start easily. That is-

  1. Fast Food Stall.
  2. Ready-Made Garments.
  3. Mobile Repairing Shop.
  4. Beauty Parlor.
  5. Hardware Store.

So, these are some businesses that you can start easily. Now, let’s discuss all the points or businesses.

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Fast Food Stall-

It is one of the strongest business ideas to start in Kolkata. Kolkata city has very much demand for this business.

You can start this business easily. But to start this business, you should search for a good place where you can start this business.

Because, in a vacant place, if you open this business then you will fail. So, the area or marketplace is very important for this business.

You can open this kind of stall in front of any office building or in a place where people need foods to eat.

So, that will help your business to run successfully.

Ready-Made Garments-

Ready-made garments can be one of the business ideas in Kolkata. The profit margin of this business is too good.

Many people are doing this business in various places in Kolkata.

So, this can be a good option. But here also, you need to make a good strategy and also you need to select a good market to start this business.

If you can provide good quality of products with a reasonable price then you can run a successful business.

So, work on this business idea with a proper strategy.

Mobile Repairing Shop

A mobile preparing shop can be a good business idea in Kolkata. But here the most important thing is the service or the quality of service.

If you have a shop but you are not providing good quality of service or you do not know how to repair a mobile then you will lose your business or customer.

In this situation, you will be failed. So, you should have good knowledge in this job, then you will be successful or you can retain your customers.

But if you can do this, then it can be a great option for you.

Beauty Parlor

This is also a very good business option in Kolkata. Beauty Parlor has always been one of the best business ideas in Kolkata.

If you know this job, then this can give you a huge profit. Because I think you know that in this business the profit margin is very high.

Anyone who is a makeup artist can also start this business initially from his/her home.

After that, he/she can scale it up. But just because it is a service-oriented business, that is why you should have good knowledge in this sector.

And also you can do marketing in a very different and unique way ( If you can ).

Hardware Store

A Hardware store can also be a good option right now. And the demand for these products is increasing.

Because we all know that always building making is continue. So, the demand is also increasing.

But to scale your business, you have to give a good product or branded product at a reasonable price.

In this way, you can scale your business up.

And just because there is a matter of carrying the products that are why it will boost your sale if your selling point or location is near the market or very close to the highway.

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Which business is most profitable in Kolkata?

Many businesses can be profitable in Kolkata. Like-
1. Home-based bakery business.
2. Make-up artist ( Beauty Parlor ).
3. Restaurants.
This type of business can be profitable in Kolkata. But everything needs a good strategy.

What are the best business ideas in Kolkata with low investment?

Some manufacturing businesses can also be best for you if you choose the right now.
1. Paper Manufacturing.
2. Notebook Manufacturing.
3. Bio-degradable plate Manufacturing.
Besides manufacturing business there are many business-like hardware stores, food stalls can be some good option.


In a conclusion, I would suggest that any business you can start in Kolkata or anywhere you want.

But before that, you have to keep some important points in mind. They are-

  1. Right marketplace.
  2. The demand for that product in the market.
  3. And the future of that product.

If you can check these things then the chances of becoming a successful businessman will be high.

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