5 Best Future business ideas in India- Business Mentor.

Do you want to set up a futuristic business? I know that the answer is big a Yes. You want to know some best Future business ideas.

I know that many people want to set up a business? But how many of them want to target a futuristic business?

Most probably the answer is a few ones.

Because most of the people is only thinking about the present. Yes, it is good and you have to think about your present to live your life.

But these business ideas can make you a millionaire if you make a strategy on these ideas.

Although it will take a few years to blast. You can start these businesses whenever you want.

But if you start these businesses now, it will make you fly after few years.

So, the business ideas are-

  1. Renewable Energy.
  2. An IVF clinic.
  3. Electric Vehicles.
  4. Data Crunching.
  5. Personal Finance.

These are some business ideas that you can target for the future. Now let’s discuss all the ideas one by one.

Future business ideas No 1- Renewable Energy

This is one of the most interesting and profitable Future business ideas.

We all know that we need energy in every moment of our life.

We need the energy no matter where we are and what we are doing.

Like we need it to drive a car, in the offices, in the house, in the factory, etc.

We can’t live without energy. And currently, we are getting most of the energy from Fossil Fuels.

We also know that by this the environment is getting polluted. It adds Green House Gases, like- Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, etc.

So, the world is thinking to cut down this sector on a very large scale slowly. We should collect energy from renewable sources.

Now, when we are talking about renewable energy then the first thought came into our mind is Solar Energy and Wind Energy.

Although work on Wind Energy in a very big way has not started yet, we are working on Solar Energy for a long time.

So, if you are in India or anywhere in the world you should focus on Solar energy.

So, if you want to work in this sector then there are many things to work on.

Like- you can sell the solar panel, can install the panel, maintenance, selling the other solar goods, can make the solar panel or goods also.

So, there are lots of things to work on.

But yes to start this work you should have training on it.

If you are in India and then you can get the training from the Indian Government that is running time by time. The training is ( In India )-

  1. Surymitra Skill Development Programme ( SSDP ).

#Requirements for this Training Programme-

  • Fees- Zero.
  • Free residential trianing program ( You don’t need to pay anything for lodging, fooding, etc).
  • Duration- 600 hours ( 90 days ).
  • Qualification- ITI. ( it is not open for the engineers )
  • Eligibility- More than 18 years of age.
  • Conducted in all states of India.
  • Women, SC/ST, and the rural youth can get special consideration.

[You can visit SSDP, the training center here to enroll]

You need to give an interview to get a chance here.

There are many other programs also related to solar energy conducted by the Indian Government. Like- Sustain and Enhance Technical Knowledge in Solar Energy.

Future business ideas
Future business ideas

An IVF clinic

This is also a good Future business idea. We all know that the lifestyle is changing rapidly in this modern days.

People are under stress very much nowadays because of their office’s pressure, personal life’s pressure, etc.

People are also addicted to smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. So, they are spoiling their life in this way.

The sleeping time or sleeping schedule has also changed. People are also quit eating home-based food.

They are eating burgers, pizza, chow mien, etc. So obesity is also a very big problem for infertility cases.

And we all know that this type of lifestyle will is increasing day by day. All these are the reason for Infertility.

So, if you think and can use your brain then you can understand that it is a very fast-growing market.

If you can then you should grab this opportunity. Yes, I know that this can be a sensitive point for someone.

But think positively that can this changed by only just your effort? No, you can’t.

God forbid it should not happen to any one of you but from a business point of view, it is a very profitable business.

You should think of these. There are many companies available in the market that can give you all the setup needed for this clinic.

Yes, there is competition in this business but if you can hire some good staff and can give the patients a success rate by taking less money than the competitors then you will be successful.


  • Cost- 8 to 10 lac rupees minimum ( Initially ).
  • Trained staff.
  • Specialists Doctors.
  • Location.
  • All the required licenses.

Electric Vehicles

This is a very good Future business idea. We already discussed renewable energy at the very beginning.

So, if we started to produce renewable energy then we also need to consume that.

So, you can understand that this sector will also grow. But don’t enter this business right now.

Because it is in a very basic stage right now. But surely you can give it a place in your mind.

We can see many fuel pumps for the cars that are running today.

But when the electric vehicle will came into the market the charging stations will be needed then.

Because the vehicles need to charge the batteries.

So, after few years when you can see enough electric vehicles on the roads just understand that the time has come.


As it is a futuristic business that is why it is difficult to say the original requirements.

But as a basic thing- you will need the location and some documents or licenses first.

Future business ideas
Future business ideas

Data Crunching

This is one of the most interesting and important Future business ideas.

Because in this digital world we are based on Data. And I think you know that this is also growing very fast.

Day by day the technology is developing. And here comes the importance of Data.

For just a simple example, we all are using social media daily, right?

We are using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

But did you notice that when you are searching about some products or services in Google, Facebook, or any other social media the other social media also started to show ads related to your searches on the other social media?

That is why the data is getting stored somewhere.

I have tried to make you understand in simple language. Hope you got it.

Today many companies also want to collect more and more data to know the activities of their customers and competitors.

So, data crunching can make this happen for them. But here it is not enough that to collect the data, it also needs to make useful for them.

Data crunching is a method of information science that makes the automated processing of a large number of data and information possible

Data is processed, sorted, and structured in the process of Data Crunching, on which algorithms and program sequences have been run.

In the field of marketing or market research, the requirements of data collecting are growing rapidly.

So, there is a huge possibility that this data crunching business will grow fast in the future.


Here you need a technical team and system that will help you to collect data from different sources according to your business niche or topic.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is also one of the most important Future Business Ideas that you can do. We all know the value of money.

I think we all have seen some kind of people who have earned a few thousand rupees in a month throughout his/her career.

Also, we have seen many who have earned a huge amount of money a month throughout his/her career.

But in many cases, we have seen that the wealth built by the first one ( Who has earned a few thousand rupees in a month throughout his/her career ) is far away than the second one.

So, it is a game of money management.

Many people in today’s world are earning a good amount of money. But most of them remain poor or unchanged till the end of their life.

The main reason behind this is the inability to manage the money they are earning.

So, it is the most important thing. And day by day people is learning and giving importance to it.

So, in this situation, if you can open a business that can help to manage personal finance by giving them training, proper knowledge of money management, the compounding power of money,

Then you can set up an empire by this.

Just you need to catch the need of the people, that whats they want?.

You can start this business by yourself initially.

After some time or after getting a few clients you can start to build your team and work as a company.

Many people are ready to give any amount to learn this skill or they will give you the privilege to manage their money on their behalf.


Here you need to have that skill first. Or if you are planning to open a company directly with some knowledgeable staff, then you may just need money for investment.

So, this is also a good future business idea.

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What are the upcoming business ideas in India?

The business ideas that we have discussed in the above section can be the best options for you.
Except for these ideas you can go with-
1. Animation.
2. Graphic Designing.
3. 3D artist.

Which industry will boom in 2025?

1. Healthcare industry.
2. Gaming.
3. Home delivery.
4. Internet-based.

My Opinion

You can understand that the future business ideas that I have discussed in the above section are some best ideas.

Except for these ideas, there are many ideas that you can choose to target in the future.

But before that think about the product or services that are choosing will that be in demand in the future?

For that, you need to understand the change process that is happening in today’s world as well as the need of the people.

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