How to grow your business? | 9 best ways.

How to grow your business- I know that if you are reading this article then you have a business and you want to grow your business.

But you did not find genuine and practical ways to grow your business till now.

So, I will give you some genuine and practical ideas that will help you to grow your business or expand your business.

If you want to grow your business you may need to invest some more money in your business.

So, be ready with that.

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How to grow your business tips?

Before you want to grow your business, you should know that you have to select the business idea that you want to start with some important things keeping in your mind.

These important things will help you or boost your initial growth.

So, the important things that you need to keep in mind before starting your business are-

  1. Unique Idea.
  2. What is the demand for that product in the market?
  3. Is it matching your budget or is it too far from your budget?
  4. What can be the future of that product?
  5. What is the competition level of that business in your market area?.

Now I will discuss the first point here to make you understand.

#Unique Idea

You need to bring a very new, profitable, and unique idea for selling your product.

If the idea is very unique and nobody else is not using it, then the chances of growth become very high.

Now, I know that you are thinking that from where you will get the unique ideas.

Someone is surely using that idea somewhere.

But you only need to follow your market area. If you think that all the ideas that you are thinking, is using by someone then you can change something in that idea and can re-use it.

We all know about OYO, OlA, etc. These ideas were very unique and profitable when they were entering the market.

You should remember the other things also before starting a business.

If you are running a business keeping all the things in your mind then it will be the first step of growing your business.

If your product is demandable then it will give you customers or visitors ( What is fitted for your business) from day 1.

As well as the third, fourth, and fifth points will also help you to run a successful business.

How to grow your business?
How to grow your business?

Expand your Business

Now, if you have a business and you want to expand that then the tips are-

There are two things on this topic.

One is Addition in the Business, and the second one is Multiplication In business.

Addition in business means growing very slowly, but in Multiplication, it means growing very fast or rapidly.

But before you want to grow your business make sure that your business is sustainable.

First, you need to develop a recurring revenue model. Then think to grow.

Otherwise, you will be in very big trouble.

#Understand the need of the customers

If you are running a business then I am sure that it can be a product-oriented business or a service-oriented business.

You can do whatever you want. But you need to focus on the problem-solving of your customers.

You need to check that how much your product or service is adding value to their’s life.

If you can work on this, then it can take you to a higher level.

So, always try to add value to people’s life.

# Location

I don’t know what you think about this. I am telling you about this from my personal experience.

This is also one of the most important things that you should keep in mind.

I think you have seen people are running bookstalls outside of your school.

Why they are doing this?

Because logically it will help you to sell your product more and more.

So, choose your location very carefully.


We all know about Dominos. We also know that they have started a service of delivering pizza within 30 mins.

What is your opinion on this?

We also know that the quality of their pizza is also very good.

But, yet they have started it.

This is giving a more impact on the customers.

For all these reasons, we hear the other pizza company’s name very often except Domino’s.

#Highlight Your strong or unique points

We all know that marketing is a very strong point to grow your business.

You can do offline marketing or you can do online marketing.

You can use social media marketing also.

But first, you need to target your audience.

If you target people of all ages, then it will not be so effective.

So, try to target a category of people.

And when you are targeting then make sure you highlight your unique points.

And try to make a creative ad, also with a Call to Action line.

That will be very catchy for all.

Like- A long time ago there was an ad on TV.

It was- “Pehele istemal kare fir biswas kare”.

You can think like this.

#Always try to keep your staff happy and motivated

In my opinion, this is one of the most important things to run a successful business.

We all need staff to run our business.

But in most of the cases, staff are not satisfied and happy with the company or the Owner.

But remember that, if your staff is not happy and satisfied then they will not think about you or company.

So, it can be a very big problem for you.

Yes, you can surely change your staff whenever you want.

But that is not the ultimate solution.

So, try to keep motivated the staff with all the possible ways.

Like- you can arrange a small part with them, you can reward them whenever you or your company is doing very well in the market.

You can give some gifts to the best achievers of your company also.

This kind of thing will keep the staff motivated and happy.

And that will help “You” to grow in long term.

How can I make my small business grow faster?

The important things I have discussed above are very very needed to grow your business.

Except for this, you should remember few more things-

  1. Mitigate the risk factor in your business as much as possible.
  2. Update yourself and your business time by time.
  3. Always give priority to the good experience of a customer.

If you did these things also, then it will help you more to grow your business.

How to grow your business?
How to grow your business?

How do you attract customers?

The answer to this question is very easy. I have discussed a few of them also in the above section.

The things you need to do-

  1. Try to sell demandable products.
  2. Give your customer the best experience.
  3. Try a unique style of Marketing.
  4. Try to add some value to the customers, in all the possible ways you can.

These are some that you can do to attract your customers.

How do you increase sales?

The easiest way to increase sales is by selling demandable products at a low price than others ( If there is a chance to do that).

As well as you can try some unique.

After researching your market, try to sell those kinds of products or services that are demandable but not sold by anyone in your marketplace.

Or the competition is low.

And try to make a brand always.

This will always help you if you can maintain it.

How to grow your business online?

If you want to sustain in today’s market then it is very very important.

You need to be present online also.

You can also grow your business online.

But you need to do some activities for that.

These are like-

  1. Target your Audience.
  2. Follow all the social media and notice what kind of questions are asking by the people there?
  3. Video Market is very effective in today’s world.
  4. Initially, you can use some paid media to reach out to the maximum.
  5. Improve your online presence.

These are something that you should follow or know to grow your business online.

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How can I promote my business cheaply?

There are few ways that you need to follow are-
1. Promote through Google My Business Account.
2. Promote through a blog. (If you have a blog then, otherwise make a blog. You can make it for free also)
3. Use Social Media to Promote.

What are the 4 types of promotion?

The four types of promotions are-
1. Marketing.
2. Mouth to Mouth. ( Public Relations)
3. Sales Promotion.
4. Reference.

What is the difference between marketing and promotion?

In the marketing part, the company will decide or target the audience who will buy their product.
And the promotion is like a reminder. The product will be in the mind of the customer’s mind all the time.

My Opinion-

In my opinion, the best/important thing you should do to grow your business is firstly a unique idea of selling products and services.

Adding value to the customers and giving them the best experience and of course a demandable product or service and a good location.

Making a recurring income model first and then try to grow.

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