How to start an online grocery business in 2021? | Best ways.

An online Grocery business can sell anything like- spices, packaged products, beverages, etc. We all know about offline grocery stores.

The online grocery is almost the same one. Just you need to sell the products online here.

We all know about many e-commerce sites, who are doing very well for the past few years.

So, you can understand the potentiality of an online business.

In the past few years, people are converting online. Because it is too easy. You don’t need to go anywhere.

You can order all your needed products from home.

After this COVID pandemic, it is growing very rapidly now.

So, now in this situation opening an online grocery store can be a very good profitable option for you.

We all know about Big Basket, which is a very big online grocery shop in India. So, you can understand that there is a huge market opportunity in this field.

Smartphones and the Internet are very cheap now. It is also one of the reasons that people are converting online.

So, let’s discuss the process.

online grocery business
online grocery business

Why to start an online grocery business?

I think you know that grocery is something that is needed in every house. So, these are very demanding products.

A person may don’t buy clothes or luxurious things for him or his family in a month. But he needs to buy grocery items.

It is mandatory. So, there is a huge demand.

And as I told you before that the scope of online is increasing day by day.

After COVID, it is at a peak. People are trying to buy almost everything online.

So, it can be a very good decision to start an online grocery store.

How to start an online grocery business?

It is not that hard.

Just need to keep a few things in mind that you need to understand the business process and competition and opportunities of this market.

Like why people are buying products from Big Basket? What are the main reasons? Then only it will be easy to establish your brand.

Now first you have to register your business.

  1. Register your business.

First, if you are starting this business then you should register this.

To register you can take the help of any CA or any forums that are available in the market.

You can register your business as a partnership firm or proprietorship farm.

Here you will need some licenses. Like-


I think you know that it is mandatory.


Just because you are dealing with the food items that is why you need this certificate.


For every shop, retail counter, or store you need this.


To do business you need this.

2. Collect Order and Execute that.

This is the main and the first step that you need to do.

You know that to sell your product you need to have ordered first from the customers.

For that, you can use the phone initially, to take orders. [ You can take orders over the phone ]

Or you can develop an app website for this. As well as you can register with an e-commerce platform.

You can start locally at the time of starting.

3. Execution.

Here is a chance for you, where you can make happy to your customers. Try to deliver the order on same-day if possible.

Because it will make the customer very happy. Nowadays, everyone wants everything fast.

At the initial stage, you can do it by yourself if you are doing it locally. Otherwise, you should have at least one manpower.

You know that this is called service. So make it good.

4. Target Your Audience.

Now, if you have to sell your product then you know that you have to target your audience and have to sell them. So, find out the audiences to whom you can sell your product.

You can target any household or you can target any offline small business owner in your area.

5. Select Delivery Location.

We often search for many things like ” Food stall near me”. So if you are doing grocery shop then you have to remember that people may be searching for “Grocery shops near me”.

So, you can understand that how it is important? You have to set the delivery location very smartly.

You have to think that how you can deliver the products quickly to households or in an offline business.

These will increase your sales, as well as the people, will start trusting in you.

You can offer the customers one day delivery within 4 to 5 kilometers. For this, you will need a vehicle. You have to arrange that.

If you are delivering the products outside the radius then you can charge according to that.

You may need one helping hand at that time.

6. Product Arrangements.

If you want to run your business successfully then you should have product stocks. For this, you can use any warehouse to store your product.

As well as you can contact the local wholesaler, dealer to get your products.

7. Funding.

It is one of the most important parts to start a business. You need to invest money to start this business.

So, you should have an arrangement for this. At the time of starting maybe, you will not be able to earn any profits but then also you need to invest.

So, prepare for that.

Just because you are doing an online business that is why you need to select a payment option. That should be an online payment option.

8. Marketing / How do I market my online grocery store?.

It is also an important thing for a business.

Without this, it will be very difficult to set up a successful business.

You know that the internet can do anything in today’s world. So, you can start promoting your business online.

You can do Social Media Marketing, can promote your product through Instagram, etc.

To promote locally you can distribute pamphlets, can promote through the newspaper, etc.

[If you want to know the licenses or documents needed to open this business, then make sure you visit here.]

You can start a Grocery website or Application.

This is one of the most interesting parts of the topic- Online Grocery Business.

As I told you before that in today’s world internet can do anything. So, if you can then start a website related to your products or business.

It will help you to expand your business. Here just you need to take a domain according to your niche. You can learn that how to make a website. It is too easy.

Or, you can also start an App for this. Just give it a name and can start. Here also you need someone who will do this for you if you don’t know.

You can use live chat, can offer a discount that is suitable for you, and lastly if you are socializing your business make a call to action button.

It will increase your sales.

Is online grocery business/shopping profitable?

By a Grocery shop, you can earn 2 to 5 percent or a maximum of 10 percent of the profit margin.

So, you need to remember this. This 2 to 5 percent profit can also be a huge amount if you can sell a large number of products.

For this, you need to target more households, more wholesalers, dealers, etc.

online grocery business
online grocery business

What is the future of online grocery?

It is the future of any business ( In my opinion ). Because people are focusing on online.

You can see that the big players like- Amazon, Walmart, are doing very well. So, online can be the future of any business.

Today also if you want something to buy, most likely you visit an online option first.

Except for this business, if you are starting any kind of online business and if you have proper research on that, then the chances of getting success will increase.

So, don’t waste your time. Start from today and with the proper strategy and plan will be successful soon.

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How much money do I need to open a grocery store?

If you want to do the business in a very professional way then you have to invest a good amount of money.
Like- Product storing, licensing, marketing, etc.
For an idea, you will need a few lac rupees.

How can I improve my grocery delivery online?

1. Target your audience.
2. Select the location.
3. Select the radius.
4. Delivery charges.
5. Try to give one-day delivery.
These are some steps you should do to improve your online grocery business.

Final Thoughts

We all know that everybody is focusing on online today. Especially after this COVID pandemic, it is increasing rapidly.

So, there is a huge scope. So, think smartly and make a strategy to make this business successful.

Best wishes.

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