How to start a Shoe-making business in India?| Best manufacturing business.

Yes, we all know the necessity of shoes. Whenever you are starting any business you should think about the necessity or the demand of that product.

So, here I will give you detailed information on a very demandable business and that is Shoe-making business.

Shoes are one of the most demandable things that we need in our daily life.c

In this segment, many types of shoes or sandals can be made to sell.

Even we want to wear different types and styles of shoes on different types of occasions.

When you are going to school the shoes will be different than when you are going to attend a party, a marriage function or you are in a ZYM.

So, here in this article, I will give you all details about the shoe-making business.

Why choose the Shoe-making business?

As I said to you before that it is a very demandable product. First, you need to check the demand for that product in the market.

Then, in my opinion, I could say that till now the competition is little bit less, rather than the other businesses.

Most of the big companies or brands are in this business.

So, if you can start then you can be successful ( But you have to follow some strategies ).

On the other hand, it is depending on your choices and market places also.

Shoe-making business

How much investment is required for the shoe-making business?

The investment amount is depending on your business size.

It is quite obvious that you need more money if you want to start it on a large scale business and you will need a little bit less money on a small scale business.

I am giving you an idea of both.

  • If you are starting this on a small scale then the invested amount will be approximately 3 to 5 lac rupees.
  • And if you are starting this on a large scale then the invested amount will be 6 to 8 lac rupees approximately.

Licenses need for Shoe-making business

Every business needs some valid documents or licenses to start.

You can say that this is one type of permission that you are taking from the Government.

I think you know that there are some mandatory licenses that you need to take or have.


  • Trade License.
  • GST License.
  • Trade Mark.
  • MSME Registration.
  • Firm Registration.

These are some licenses that you should have. Also, for transactions, you should have a current account in your name or your business’s name.

Now, I will take you to the main part of this article.

And at the starting point, I will give you information about the Raw-Materials that you need for the Shoe-making business.

Raw- Materials needed for Shoe-making business

Raw-Materials are something that can set the quality of your product.

So, in my opinion, try to use the best raw materials.

So the list of the raw materials are-

  • Plastic.
  • Clothes.
  • Shoelaces.
  • Polish.
  • Rubber Fall.
  • Threads.
  • Thermoplastic Rubber.
  • Hand Tools.
  • Paramedics.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride.
  • Decorative.
  • Natural Lather.

These are the raw materials that you need to start this business.

Where to get raw materials for the Shoe-making business?

This is one of the most important questions that one can ask.

Because if the person does not know from where to collect or get the raw materials at the best price then how can the person compete in this competitive market? right?

So, if you are living in a metro city or you are starting your business in a metro city then there musty be many local factories that are making these materials.

You have to search for them. Or you can start taking materials from the online market.

Indiamart is giving the option to buy from them, you can check once.

Or, you can visit the online market to get an idea of these products.

Machines Required for Shoe-making business

Yes, this business required machines to start. You need machines to make shoes. The factory uses Cutting Presses to make shoes.

Or you can call this machine- Clicker Cutting Machines.

This machine is one of the best machines that is used by almost every factory.

Also, they need cutting dies for every pattern of shoes. And here new technology is also coming. Like- for cutting is the Computer-Controlled Drag Knife Cutter.

Shoe-making business

Where to get training for the Shoe-making business?

LOcally you can search for these types of institutes. There must be ( In the City ) at least one institute to learn these kinds of skills.

Somewhere it is called Vocational Training. Also, the training is given by the Government almost for free.

Usually, the tenure of the course is five months to six months. So, you have to search for the right place for training.

Without training, it is going to be more difficult to get success in this business or to run this business smoothly.

Area required for Shoe-making business

This particular thing is also depending on your plan. Whether you want to start this business on a large scale or a small scale.

It is obvious that if you are starting this business on a large scale then it is going to take a big space or if you are starting on a small scale then it will take a small space.

Normally you can start this business 2800-3000 square ft.

Manpower needed for Shoe-making business

Without manpower how can you start any business? Right?

So, you need manpower. On a small-scale business, you can take at least 2 to 3 skilled workers.

As well as you can take 3 to 5 skilled workers with one manager to handle them and to take out the maximum result.

Now one more very important part has come and that is How much you can earn profit from this business?

Ultimately this is the main motivation behind almost everything nowadays.

How much you can earn from the Shoe-making business?

We all know that this is a very demandable product or business. So, you can earn a good amount of money.

On a small-scale business, you can earn up to 40,000 thousand rupees to 1 lac rupees per month.

Or at a large scale business then you can earn more than 1 lac rupees.

How to sell your products?

Ultimately you have to sell your products to earn money.

But just because you are creating a new brand in the market that is why it will take a little bit of time to run smoothly.

So, initially, you can start from your home but in this case, you have to do offline and online marketing in a very good and effective way.

Or, you can open a dedicated shop for this, or you can give a shoe store in malls, etc.

Also, you can start selling online.

But all these cases need good quality and reasonable price of the product.

How can I start a shoe business with no money?

As I said to you that you have to take training to learn about how to make shoes from plastics, wastes, etc.

It is the main thing if you want to start this business for free initially.

After learning all the practical processes just some brain and start making shoes in your home.

Here you can hire the machines needed for that. Or firstly, you can make only handmade sandals, slippers, etc.

How do you manufacture a shoe?

Here you need machines. But if you want to know about the creative design part then it has some steps to follow.


  • Research.
  • Create Design Sketches.
  • Submit your project to the manufacturer for review.
  • And if it is approved then give the order that how many you want.

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How do you become a shoe designer?

You can be a shoe designer easily. For that, you need to take a course regarding this.
You can select any institute for this. Then learn to draw, then get an internship.
Then find a mentor of this. And lastly, try to grab some practical experience.

How much money do shoe designers make?

It is a very demandable job and obviously, the market has the demand.
A good designer can get 1 lac-5 lac rupees per month.
It is based on the person’s skill and the project he has taken.

My Opinion

In a conclusion, I would say that this business you can start because it is very demandable.

But the product has to be very good and reasonable with an effective marketing strategy.

Best Wishes.

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