Top 8 Village business ideas | Unique ideas.

Village business ideas- This is one of the most asked questions by the people who want to set up a business in their hometown or village.

So, here I will give all the practical and genuine ideas on Village business.

This will help you to set up the business you want in your village.

You need to invest a very small amount to start these businesses.

But that will be very nominal.

But this is assured that if you can start this business with proper strategy and research then you can earn a good amount from here.

As well as you can set up a business that will run for the long term.

So, here we will discuss-

  • Poultry Farm.
  • Fertilizer Shop.
  • Oil Mill.
  • Flower Farming.
  • Cold storage.
  • Flour Mill.
  • Catering service.
  • Small Manufacturing Business.

Here I will inform you of all the details on these five ideas.

But before that, I want to answer some of your asked questions.

Village business ideas
Village business ideas

Which Village business ideas are best?

Honestly, if you think that any business will run anywhere if you have a proper strategy and plan then you are wrong.

Like- If you want to open a pizza shop in a village.

Then it has 99 percent chance that you will be failed.

Because the village people are not fond of this kind of food.

[ You can survey this, and I am sure that you will find the same I told]

But it does not mean I am underestimating anyone.

But for example, if you open a fertilizer shop instead of a pizza shop, your chances of success increase a lot.

Because farming is a common thing in a village.

So, you have to think like that.

Or you can try the above-mentioned ideas.

How do I start a small business in a village?

First, you need to decide that what kind of business you want to open.

In my opinion, you should select a business idea with a few things in mind.


  1. What is your Budget?
  2. What is the Demand for that product in the market.?
  3. What is the future of that product.?

I think you should think about at least these three things.

Then you need to select a location. That should be also suitable for that business.

Poultry Farm

This is one of the most unique and profitable-village business ideas.

There are two types of poultry farming available in the market.

One is- Broilers and the other one is- Layers.

If you want meat then you have to choose broilers but if you want eggs then go with layers.

#Select your farm location

This is one of the most important parts of this business.

So, you have to select the location very smartly.

You need to check that the location has the access to main roads, water supply, electricity supply, etc.

If it is close to the market then it will be a good thing for your business.

Just select your location a little bit away from the residential area.

#Cages for the Birds

You need to set up good quality cages to protect the birds.

Otherwise, the main problem is the birds can go outside and if it happens then it will be a very problem for you.

As well as the birds can be attacked by the dogs.

If you are doing business with one type of bird then you can make one big cage or you can surround the sides.

Or you can make some small cages.

#Poultry House

Intensive poultry housing system you can use for commercial farming.

There are three types of house can be used for poultry farming.

This system is used for the fast growth of that birds.

This system helps gives the birds a particular space for their growth.

You need to gain some practical knowledge on this to use.

If you don’t want then you can run your business without this initially.

Village business ideas
Village business ideas

#Things you need

To set up this business you need some equipment or essential things for the birds. Like-

  1. Water supply system.
  2. Nest. ( Here the chicken will lay eggs)
  3. Electricity.
  4. Egg tray.
  5. Heaters. ( It will give heat and will help to raise young birds)

There can be some extra things needed that you will get to know while setting up the business.

#Buying young Birds

This you need to choose or search within your area.

To grow your young bird fast make sure you have the heater ready.

But before buying make sure that the young birds should not be unhealthy.

#How to sell?

You should have a connection with the local market for this.

Or the supplier from whom you have taken the young birds can also buy the birds after few months.

You need to build this network.

Fertilizer Shop

You know that farming is a very common thing in a village.

So, this can be a very good business idea.

But you need some investment to start this business.

But if you want then you can start with a very few selective items.

You can also add some good-quality seeds for sale.

This is also one of the most profitable business ideas.

Oil Mill

We know that the people of the village do not like packaged food or oil.

In the village, many people do farming of mustard, nuts, etc.

So, they want to extract oil from their farmed mustard, nuts, etc.

For that, they want an oil mill.

So, if you have some money then you can open an oil mill.

This is also one of the very profitable and good business ideas from the village.

Flower Farming-

Flowers became farmed for a very long time in many states of India like- West Bengal, Karnataka, Orissa, etc.

Flower farming is known as floriculture.

There are many types of flowers, many of them we have not even heard of by name can bring us a lot of profit.

Like- Anthurium, tuberose, Hibiscus, etc can give you a huge profit.

But here you should not hire people for everything.

You need to do some work by yourself in the field.

But if you can find out some best wholesale markets to sell your flower then this business can also give a huge profit.

Cold Storage

It is another good village business idea.

The farmers in the village farmed many types of vegetables, fruits, etc.

But they want to sell them in the off-season of that fruit or vegetable.

Because they can earn high-profit if they sell the items in the off-season.

So, to do that they want cold storage to store their vegetables and fruits.

So, if you can invest money and can set up cold storage then that can be very profitable for you.

Village business ideas
Village business ideas

Flour Mill

This is also a very profitable business idea.

As I said before people in the villages don’t like packaged food.

So, demand for a flour mill is very much high there.

You just need to grind grains, oats, corns, etc in your flour mill.

If you can, then you can supply flour to different shops available in your village or you can supply in the nearest town also.

So, if you have a location then you can think about this idea.

Catering Service Business

The demand for this service is increasing rapidly in small towns or villages.

So, this business can also give you a decent profit.

But you should have some friends or members with you.

Because we know that to run this business you need at least 5-8 manpower.

You can start with few friends initially.

Just because, it is a village it will not be a huge problem if you guys make small mistakes initially.

But you guys need to learn or train yourself as soon as possible.

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Small Manufacturing Business

This can be a turning point in your life.

You can set up a small-scale manufacturing business.

There are many manufacturing business ideas available in the market that you can start with a very minimum investment.

Like- You can set up a manufacturing business of Biodegradeable plates.

This business is very easy to start.

You need a plot where you will set up your factory.

You can set up this business for 3-4 lac rupees initially.

So, this can be a very good option for you.

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Manufacturing Business ideas for rural areas

This is one of the most commonly asked questions from the people of a village.

Many business ideas can be better for rural areas.


  1. Electric Switch Board Making.
  2. Potato Chips making.
  3. Detergent Powder and soap.
  4. Candle manufacturing.

These are some genuine ideas in the topic of village business ideas.

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What are the most successful small businesses?

1. Social Media Manager.
2. Content Writer.
3. Blogging.
4. Consulting.
5. 3D artist.

Which shop is most profitable?

Many types of businesses can be profitable for you. It is depending on your idea selection, location selection, etc.

Some profitable shops can be-

1. Medicine shop.
2. Beauty Parlour.
3. Grocery shop.

What small businesses are in demand?

The businesses can be-
1. Flower Farming.
2. Organic Farming.
3. Oil Mill.
4. Poultry Farm.

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